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I so enjoyed the most recent ep of True Blood. I will make a better version of this icon, but for now my crude efforts must suffice. Team Russell!

ETA: spruced-up version complete and on this post. I don't know Twilight fandom  {*shudder*} so I'm not sure if the proper phrasing is "for Team whoever" or "on Team whoever".
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Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys has cancer :( Fortunately, according to a video he posted on the front page of the BBoys web site it's very treatable. Still, they've postponed their tour and new cd.

Stupid cancer.

Here are the Boys being silly, this is one of my favorites - Spike Jonze directed this one, I saw he's directing Where the Wild Things Are.  If you saw the newest Star Trek film, you may recognize this tune:

If you didn't know - the B Boys are my favorite guilty pleasure.
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The beatnik poets would have loved Spam Poetry:


Present unforgettable night to your beloved one,
imagine yourself as a Macho!

Set in this first release extended with his conquests unacquainted
with the anglosaxon and its cognate 1765, louis xvth made
a donation to the town of world. Fixing the vital breaths
prana, apana, her youthful freshness. She had really studied
is but those little arrangement over the settlement bioibnobbols
enraged and set his heart on the slaughter of had agreed
to these visits. But now, as he sat extensive history that
follows. Listen now to hoarse and muffled breathing of the
denver clerk. And solemnly bound themselves by public national
their way back to the rear of the train, where areaaabmllpl
breaking the faro bank, and mac was waiting till in retaining
what they have, o king, there is shakuni, and the sons of
draupadi against the.
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The other night I dreamed that Padme didn't die of grief; instead, she decided to live. Eventually she and Obi Wan fell in love, and every so often they talked about how absolutely insane Anakin went, and what a shame it was that he turned out to be such an a$$hole.

On a slightly related note: if 18-20 years elapsed between Episodes 3 and 4, how come Obi Wan aged so much? Could it be that their society has faster-than-light-speed spaceships but no sunscreen?
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Join the Coffee Achievers! Join us in our caffeine addiction! We are disrespectful to mornings!  Can you see we are serious! This is no place for loafers! Join us or die. Can you do any less? *

I'm totally showing my age by saying I remember this ad campaign -  an ad for coffee that features American football, Kurt Vonnegut, and Heart accompanied by an ELO soundtrack,  proclaiming that coffee provides a "calm moment"  - if that's not postmodern, I guess I still don't know what postmodern is.

As for my icon, OK, I know that The Doctor probably drinks tea - but if the above commercial can start with a voiceover saying "you're the new American society" while showing David Bowie, then nothing is safe.

*Hat tip to Mr. Sparkle.
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This is Anna Nicole's finest work. I wish they would make a movie like this, I'd love to see a maniacally evil George Takai!
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What's not to love about Bruce Campbell crooning "Hungry Like the Wolf"?

If you're intrigued, here's a behind the scenes video. I love it that technology and the media have made it possible to view "The making of an Old Spice commerical" videos!

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Bratz Baby Doll Bratz Baby Doll
This is all kinds of ick.

I spotted this at Target the other day while waiting for my rx refill. Yes, it's a Bratz baby doll. The regular Bratz dolls are weird enough - but what is happening here, is this supposed to be a sexy infant? That is all sorts of wrong.

File this with [profile] vyoma 's recent discovery of a dog for a Barbie doll which poops - Barbie comes complete with a pooper scooper!
(Oh yeah, and in the interest of recycling, apparently the dog eats the poop too.)
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Me, taking a box of Triscuits out of a grocery bag: "Geez, how long is Rachael Ray's picture going to be all over every cracker box out there?"

Him: "Until she steals the requisite number of souls."

On Notice!

Jul. 23rd, 2006 09:39 pm
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on notice as of Sunday on notice as of Sunday

Want to put someone on notice? Do it over here - it's something Shipbrook invented.
Note 1: This probably only makes sense if you watch The Colbert Report.
Note 2: The first two are one entry.
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Anyone into Lost? It's about the only show we watch as it airs, as opposed to on tivo. Damn, so many commercials!
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Enjoy the Festivus Pole, the feats of strength, and the airing of the grievances!


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