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The video is a bit long. But it's nice seeing that my cats are not as dumb as they could be.

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I'm probably the only person awake on LJ right now!

This weekend was a creative one. I spied some ostrich feathers at HoLo in a lovely brown and decided now was the time to redo my Elizabethan feather fan. The peacock feathers, while lovely, didn't hold up too well over time, and I remember [profile] flaming_mo  suggesting ostrich at least as the main feathers. I may work in a couple of peacock feathers still...

I also got around to fixing a painting I did a LONG time ago, it was a painting in acrylic of a woman with her head turned. Probably from a photo I found in a magazine. The pose placed her ear pretty much in the middle of the frame, and I could not get that ear to look like a human ear. Ears are harder to paint then hands! At some point I got the idea to make this a mixed media piece by placing silk flowers strategically to cover the abominable ear. Worked pretty good. The painting is so PINK. Right now it's leaning next to the fireplace in the living room - it doesn't exactly go with the decor. PINK.

My costumes are in need of underpinnings so I've begun work on a couple of petticoats. I waffled a bit as to whether or not to make the first one a corded petticoat, but the time to think about that was BEFORE I started. So I'm almost done with a basic petticoat. I picked up some pale purple fabric and rope for a second, rope petticoat. I love how this one looks; the rows are so perfect! It occurred to me to maybe try one of those chalk snap line things to get precise lines. Maybe that would work.

This project stalled, thanks to McCall's: At one of my many JoAnns runs I found this fabric (yes, I'm on a skull kick). The pattern I decided to use was a full skirt, but the way the pieces are laid out does not allow for designs printed from selvege to selvege. So I think now I'll make a little wrap skirt.

A couple of weeks ago I made some pillows for the little love seat in my office. Pillows, like curtains, are projects that are so easy and yet I always procrastinate making them.

With all of these projects I have to go to the library to get some reading done today. I am prone to wandering when I should be researching. Plus, the cats are being rowdy.

For pictures, clicky!

photographic evidence of craft )
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You have been warned!

Romana (seen in the icon) has a urinary tract infection. Poor girl! :( I took her to the vet this week because she has been going outside the litter box - like in the other end of the house. The nice thing is, she has been going in the bath tub. While I'm not thrilled about a cat peeing where I take my shower, clean up is much easier in a tub than on a rug. We will be getting another litter box, in case her new bathroom habit is also due to her displeasure over the new cat, who I have nicknamed "Big McLarge Huge" because he looks so much bigger than the dainty girl cats.

She also has irritable bowel syndrome. Apparently cats can get the feline equivalent of just about anything a human can. Who knew? So she also gets to go on a high fiber, low fat diet. I should probably join her, though I don't plan on eating cat food, of course.

The dog I had when I was growing up barfed a lot, and I managed to train her to barf in the bathtub. I can't remember exactly how I accomplished this...probably just led her there when she started to hurl. It makes me wonder if Romana is the reincarnation of Fuzzy. They both dislike members of their own species too.
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Cow Boy is going to have his name changed - to Dexter. Today I caught him vivisecting a bird. Pulling out its feathers, biting into it, but not actually killing the poor creature. Then he tried to get at the chipmunks living under the A/C unit. I'm going to have to bring him in for the sake of the wildlife!


Oct. 18th, 2007 12:59 pm
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We have been adopted by a young male black and white cat. He just showed up one morning on our back steps. He is incredibly affectionate! He doesn't even get upset when our cats cry and hiss at him. It's fun to watch him play in the yard, though one day he caught a small mouse and was tossing it around for fun. That was kind of gross, and I've since forbidden him from catching chipmunks.

So we have started talking about taking him in. He's such a people cat, and it's going to get cold soon. I'm not sure how he would survive surrounded by all the feline estrogen. Of course he'll get fixed, but he would still be the only guy. I also wonder how he will adopt to being inside-only. Our last two strays did fine though.

I've been calling him Cow Boy. Not Cowboy - Cow Boy, like Spider Man. He's marked like a Holstein but cows are girls, so that's what I came up with.
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I just wanted to thank all of you for your lovely replies to my post about GreyPuff yesterday. It really meant a lot to me. Jeff's was away for about two weeks so it was extra hard to have to do that by myself. I was feeling pretty lonely.

About two months after I moved in with Jeff, my Kitty died, and for three nights afterwords GreyPuff slept next to my pillow. That was the kind of cat she was. We found out she was having kidney issues about a year ago, so plenty of time to spoil her, and we were able to alleviate a lot of the problems with meds. And she did have a long life; it's just tough to have to let go. I am a very tender-hearted person, I just try not to let it show that often :)

Anyway, Jeff's back now so I'm not rattling around in the house by myself. School's out too.

Thanks again, you all are the best and I really appreciate your good thoughts.
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Aliases: GreyPuff, Elvis, Old Lady, OGC (Old Grey Cat)
1990? - May 7, 2007
She tried to stick around to see Jeff, but we didn't want her to suffer any more.

She had a long life and she was a great cat.

GreyPuff, May 4 2007 GreyPuff's last portrait, May 4 2007

Bestest cat ever.

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Even a kitten can use a Mac!
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  • At some point yesterday afternoon, one of the cats (probably the fluffy one, because even though she is the happiest cat ever, she compulsively yanks out and eats her fur - with predictable digestive results) projectile vomited on my desk. I meant to include this in yesterday's post. Because a blog without  cat-centric posts is like a painting without cherubs.

Ro Report

Nov. 10th, 2005 07:47 am
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Romana - aka RoKitty, Bitchy Kitty, or the vet's new name for her, "Ramona" - is back home as of last night. She thanks you for all your well wishes; she's doing much better, eating and drinking and so far keeping it down. She even has a sporty red "wrist band" where the IV was.

(That's her helping me with a costume a couple of years ago.)
Apparently cats will sometimes come down with these mystery ailments. The heartworm test was negative, her kidney and pancreas levels were elevated for a while but are better. Dr. Vet is pretty sure it wasn't heartworm, it might have been pancreatitis...as long as Ro keeps her food down, she should be okay. I'm quite relieved!


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