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We found out only last week that there was a steampunk con only about 3 hours away, so we made plans to day trip it on Saturday. However, after I woke up at 5:30 to start getting ready I realized I didn't really want to drive that far, have to figure out where to change clothes, that sort of thing. Turns out Jeff felt the same way, so we went back to sleep. The rest of the day was pretty productive; we went to a local park to shoot footage for his next music video, he made some spotlights, I graded and did some office reorganization.

In a good news / bad news event, they are remodeling the English department this summer, but that means we have to pack up all our books and papers. This is a little traumatic for me, I have trust issues to begin with (especially where my books are concerned), and I found out that when they remodeled the history department last summer some of their possessions went astray! So I only trusted the uni with things that could easily be replaced, and photographed the interiors of each box, and numbered each box - told you, trust issues. I had to figure out what I would need for summer writing and first thing in the fall, so I've got those labeled, and that's where the office organization came in. I liberated a bookshelf that has just been stashed in a corner for my home office. Most of my stuff is here, I have a couple of floor lamps (I hate fluorescent lighting) and a couple of boxes to bring home, but since I have to sit in on senior capstone presentations this week, I'll have ample opportunity to bring them home.

Sunday we went to a vintage base ball game for a picnic lunch. I'm not up on regular baseball, much less the vintage variety, but it was still fun. Jeff (who never does anything halfway) packed sandwiches in wax paper and decanted root beer into blue glass bottles. At the end of the game, the captain of the home team thanked us for dressing up for their event, so that was cool.


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