Nov. 6th, 2014 04:00 pm
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Not much going on, how about you?
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My secret TV boyfriend got a bit of a promotion. I have really mixed feelings. On the one hand, I can see getting a little tired of the "well intentioned idiot" persona after 10 years. And David Letterman was a big influence on my sense of humor growing up. He's a little tame now, but he used to be quote wacky. This is one of my favorite bits (crappy quality because it's from the last century):

On the other hand - I loves me some satire. And the half hour format really lends itself to watching the following day at lunch or dinner.
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I heard this on the radio the other day and it cracked me up. So here it is in handy YouTube form.

OK, Star Wars fans, where is this sketch from? It's Richard Pryor as the bartender of the Star Wars bar. But not the cantina. Crazy stuff:

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The video is a bit long. But it's nice seeing that my cats are not as dumb as they could be.

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Season 2, Episode 1 spoilers ahoy! )
"Temporal disruptions in the time line and fissures in space create enormous plot holes that we just have to deal with!"
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Join the Coffee Achievers! Join us in our caffeine addiction! We are disrespectful to mornings!  Can you see we are serious! This is no place for loafers! Join us or die. Can you do any less? *

I'm totally showing my age by saying I remember this ad campaign -  an ad for coffee that features American football, Kurt Vonnegut, and Heart accompanied by an ELO soundtrack,  proclaiming that coffee provides a "calm moment"  - if that's not postmodern, I guess I still don't know what postmodern is.

As for my icon, OK, I know that The Doctor probably drinks tea - but if the above commercial can start with a voiceover saying "you're the new American society" while showing David Bowie, then nothing is safe.

*Hat tip to Mr. Sparkle.

Dr Who LOL

Jun. 11th, 2007 09:40 pm
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Who fans, you have so got to watch this!
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This is Anna Nicole's finest work. I wish they would make a movie like this, I'd love to see a maniacally evil George Takai!
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What's not to love about Bruce Campbell crooning "Hungry Like the Wolf"?

If you're intrigued, here's a behind the scenes video. I love it that technology and the media have made it possible to view "The making of an Old Spice commerical" videos!

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"Charles has a licking problem" - this is good stuff, I assure you!
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Even a kitten can use a Mac!
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The fascists at NBC took down the version from Hugh's Oct. 28 appearance on SNL, but here's the original version of "The Protest Song", which totally cracks me up.


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