Cruel Shoes

Nov. 2nd, 2009 08:28 pm
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Shoes with seven inch heels. SEVEN! These look like the most painful shoes ever created. If I wore these I would be 6'3"! I doubt I could even stand up in them though. I love that the name of the shoe company is "Pleaser". Certainly can't imagine that wearing them would be at all pleasing.
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I'm not certain - but I think this fabric is depicting slaves at work on a plantation. What do you think?

I found it on eBay (link for auction that ends December 24).

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First, the colors make no sense.
Second - a bib? The feminist in me wants to deconstruct the heck out of this.
Third - Did I mention the colors are ugly?
Fourth - a bib? A built-in bib?

for messy eaters, a dress with a built-in bib for messy eaters, a dress with a built-in bib

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the leisure suit - with shorts!  
the leisure suit - with shorts!


  • Pornstache!
  • shorts! And a sports jacket!
  • long socks with shorts!
  • Isn't that what British boys wear at prestigious prep schools?
  • I bet it's made out of itchy itchy polyester.
Did any man actually wear this look - I mean the shorts-long socks-jacket combo -  in the 1970s?

Checks Mix

Feb. 8th, 2008 05:03 pm
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1. Wide ties and lapels weren't just for men in the 1970s!

2. I think that's at least three different colors of checkered patterns in the upper left image - maybe four (I can't tell if the sleeves and tie are the same fabric).

3. A stripe, a pattern, AND checks in the lower right - wow.

4. The pattern promises a bonus lesson on "how to mix patterns", but judging from these pictures you won't learn to mix them with any degree of success.

all those patterns - what were they thinking? checks mix


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