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No sooner did I express joy over the lack of heat, then a heat wave showed up and parked its sweaty ass on top of my state. Boo.

I just "accidentally" bought this corset! It was on sale for $47 and I thought, I don't really need it - then I found a $10 off coupon code (mustoff10 if you're curious) so with shipping it was $45. I have a couple of their corsets and they are pretty darn good. And yay for the length (I have a longer torso).

Turns out I've had this Livejournal for ten years this month. Wow.
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The sun has finally come out! I wanted to plant my daffodil bulbs today (heirloom bulbs from Old House Gardens), but I need some topsoil and fertilizer and my spouse couldn't get away from work during lunch (buying that stuff is a two-person job) so I'll have to wait till tomorrow. I hope the weather will be as good because I need some Vitamin D!

I've been grading more than writing; as long as I get it out of the way I suppose it's all good. Once again I can't stress how excited I am to not be teaching first-year comp in the spring. I need to get back to sewing, too. Maybe during the break.

Apparently I've lost 10 pounds so far. The big change I've made is cutting WAY back on fast food. We haven't ordered pizza in months, and I usually bring a lo-cal frozen lunch to work. I know - they are processed and bad, but at least it's portion control, so until I have time to do more cooking at home, this will have to do. Phase 2 of the weight loss may include me asking for passes to yoga lessons.
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Looks like I will have to investigate light therapy. It has been so dreary here for well over a week. Don't get me wrong, I still shun strong sunlight. It's just that it's so DARK almost all the time. And it gets dark so early. It's like - hey, it must be time for me to go to bed! (Check clock.) Nope, it's only 6:30! The time change has helped some, I've been zipping around doing housework like a responsibility champion, but I don't think the effect will last long.
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A little each day I've been working on Butterick 5030 (view E) - so far it's cut out, marked, and interfaced. The fabric is a neat cotton print I found about a year ago in Ye Olde JoAnn's Red Tag Section, black with roses in various shades of red and dark pink, and they look more like photos than, you know, the usual flowers on fabric. Never fear, photos will get posted at some point. I think this might look good with a petticoat.

We just had a huge thunderclap - it started me and the cats, and they usually aren't bothered by much.

Work progresses on the prospectus, it's just not as fun to blog about.


Apr. 20th, 2009 08:57 pm
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*I received a spam email with the subject line, "Give Her an Orgasm in 33 Simple Steps". 33? That doesn't seem simple at all! What the heck are they selling?

*We were invited to an Easter day brunch and I made Alton Brown's Indian Rice Pudding for the occasion. Yum! I used light coconut milk and half and half because I'm trying to count calories. And I added a tiny amount - like 1/8 teaspoon - of rose water. That stuff is potent, you don't want your food to taste like Grandma's perfume. Also-  NO RAISINS. Raisins have no place in my dessert world. They trick you into thinking that they are chocolate chips, but then you dig in and discover your mistake TOO LATE!

*Today we had rain, then sun, then rain, then sun again, only cooler, then tiny bits o' hail for about five minutes. Whee.
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There are huge snowflakes falling! I could actually go for a blizzard of school-canceling proportions right now, but looks like it's not sticking.
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The National Weather Service is teaming up with someone's mother to write their watches and warnings - check out this advisory:


In other news, you can't have a BB gun because you might shoot your eye out.

It is zero degrees F outside right now, I think I'll stay in and bake something.

I has snow!

Dec. 5th, 2007 11:05 pm
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On a positive note, for me anyway, we had a lovely snowfall last night with a decent accumulation. Very pretty, though it's already starting to melt.
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Spring Break has arrived! I can't remember a time when I needed a break as much as I do right now. Lasy year we went to London, this year we may make it to Chicago for a day. That's all right, as long as I can sleep past 5:30 AM I'm quite happy.

I was going to make this awesome post where I updated everything that's been going on, but my mind just did the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death. So I'll leave you with a photo of what's left of the snow around here.

Yep, just random piles of ice, like some frost giant sneezed and his icy snot went all over the town. We do have a couple of piles of ice in the front yard that are prettier, though not for much longer. Oh well, winter will be back at the end of the year; right now I could deal with springtime and a chance to maybe start a garden.

There's a lot of stress on my FList right now - here's wishing all of you better times.

Be back later when my brain resets.
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I took a three hour intro to crochet class at the local yarn haus yesterday. I'm a lefty, a bit uncoordinated, and a slow learner, so the odds weren't in my favor.

I struggled with the chain stitch. In fact, I forgot how to chain in the one hour between the end of class and when I got home after picking up some groceries (had to figure it out with a booklet and help from [livejournal.com profile] shipbrook). And I forgot again this morning.

Another problem I'm having, once I remind myself how to do a chain stitch, is working the first row of stitches after the chain stitch. The instructor eventually took my test piece away and worked a row of crochet for me onto the chain stitch...while it was nice to get to crochet, now I'm having issues doing it on my own. Oh, and we didn't talk about tension so I'm playing with that too.

My big heart break is discovering that those super fun eyelash furry yarns are about impossible to crochet with [cries] - I just wanted to be able to sit down and make funky scarves while watching TV, is that so wrong?

Oh yes, we did get a big 15" blanket of snow, school FINALLY closed at noon Tuesday and stayed closed until Thursday - though I took the initiative and canceled my first-year comp class before that. Sorry, I don't drive in blizzards, it's not my scene. Though the snow is warming my Ohioan heart. I'll try to post pictures soon.

Back to school work.


Jan. 15th, 2007 08:36 pm
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It's snowing, not very hard, but you can see it on the neighbors' roofs and on the car.


Pretty - but now I have to remember to wake up earlier to fight my way through it.


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