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This pattern (Simplicity 8125, from the 1960s) is a marvel of sewing pattern engineering. It's a reversible dress with a little capelet thingy! And the envelope claims there are only three main pieces to the pattern! So that must mean that the back flap / cape thing is a part of the dress! It's blowing my mind.

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First, the colors make no sense.
Second - a bib? The feminist in me wants to deconstruct the heck out of this.
Third - Did I mention the colors are ugly?
Fourth - a bib? A built-in bib?

for messy eaters, a dress with a built-in bib for messy eaters, a dress with a built-in bib

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the leisure suit - with shorts!  
the leisure suit - with shorts!


  • Pornstache!
  • shorts! And a sports jacket!
  • long socks with shorts!
  • Isn't that what British boys wear at prestigious prep schools?
  • I bet it's made out of itchy itchy polyester.
Did any man actually wear this look - I mean the shorts-long socks-jacket combo -  in the 1970s?

Checks Mix

Feb. 8th, 2008 05:03 pm
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1. Wide ties and lapels weren't just for men in the 1970s!

2. I think that's at least three different colors of checkered patterns in the upper left image - maybe four (I can't tell if the sleeves and tie are the same fabric).

3. A stripe, a pattern, AND checks in the lower right - wow.

4. The pattern promises a bonus lesson on "how to mix patterns", but judging from these pictures you won't learn to mix them with any degree of success.

all those patterns - what were they thinking? checks mix

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This dress is sort of cute, but the model is in such a funky pose - that and the length of her sleeves vs. the gloves and she looks way out of proportion, or at the very least uncomfortable.

funky pose funky pose


Jan. 24th, 2008 02:29 pm
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Hammer Pants Time!!

I confess that I owned that pattern and made at least one pair of pants from it. Hey, it was the 1990s!


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