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My spouse's website has moved. If you liked shipbrook.com, you will love www.shipbrook.net!

I mention this because he has a bunch of interesting stuff that you may have come across and bookmarked or linked to. If not, you might be interested in checking it out. For example:

Fonts from the 1600s - http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/typograf.html
Old texts on music and dance, madrigals, 16th century joke book, etc. -
His page of Spanish costumes is popular - it's now http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/costumes.html

The index is here - http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/index.html - eclectic stuff, you may find something interesting.

Finally, his page on potted meat food product (http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/potted.html) has been around almost as long as the Internet. Every week he still gets emails that basically say, "Hey, I LIKE potted meat! You're a jerk!"
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*sigh* I bought my serger because it was easy to thread. I havent been able to get the tension right without my mechanically inclined spouse, who today had time to futz* with it. He got it working great, and I was happily finishing seams when I noticed a weird clicky noise happening every so often. Broken needle. And I couldn't find my serger box o' stuff - so no needles. After a trip to JoAnns for needles, it turns out that the needles I bought were too short (?). Grumble. I bought the machine in the Big City; I'll have to see if anyplace around here sells the recommended brand.


BUT - between yesterday and today I finished the sleeves and assembled the bodice for the wrap dress. It's going together very nicely - it fits great with no effort on my part beyond the original pattern. It's just this serger nonsense delaying progress. I may just finish the rest of the seams the old fashioned way so I can complete the thing. I'm considering doing a decorative topstich in a contrasting color on the collar and cuffs...though that's the sort of thing that, if not done just right, really looks bad, so I may try that on another project. Since my luck has been so mixed with regards to sewing lately, maybe I'd better not tempt fate.

I also worked on one of my UFOs from last year, a skirt (McCalls 5591). This is in a ladybug fabric; nice design, not twee at all. Ladybugs, skulls - my wardrobe is going to be funky.

*Did you know that the original meaning of "futz" is literally "to fart around"? Truefact!

I suppose I should do some dissertating now.


Feb. 24th, 2009 07:44 pm
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How f*cking hard is it to Google one of those mass emails before you post it on a LJ comm, "just in case"? Of course the next move is to get all defensive when people point out YOUR POST IS WRONG. I have heard that line of logic before and it's a huge pet peeve of mine. "Well, it might be true so I thought I should forward this email." Well, the movie theater might be on fire, so should I yell "fire!" just in case it is? It's spreading misinformation.

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Traditional Turkey? Ham? Or is tofurkey on your table?

My mom taught me to roast turkey via the aluminum foil method, basically you tent the bird in foil until the last portion of the cooking. This keeps it from drying out. I was scandalized to find that not everyone does this when another family member  hosted the meal one year - ack, pass the gravy! However, Mum isn't too much into fancy herbs and such, and I love shopping at Penzey's Spices, so when I found this recipe for turkey with Herbes de Provence and Citrus, I tried it and haven't looked back. This year though, I confess that I balked at paying $2.99 for a package of herbs. That would be $9.00! Sheesh! So we are going  to try it sans the fresh herbs this time around. I really have to start an indoor herb garden. Maybe even an outdoor one, as my tomato plant was fine up until about  ten days ago.

The other traditional dish for my family is this casserole made of chopped broccoli, cream of mushroom soup, and, of course, cheese. (This is as close to the recipe we use that I could find, just omit the pimento if you want it Flummoxicated-style. Or this one, though we don't use W sauce.)  It's kind of white trash, I suppose, since cream of mushroom soup is involved, but it's really tasty.

Ever since our honeymoon in Colonial Williamsburg, we have been hooked on peanut soup. It is amazingly delicious! I have taken to making it for dinner the day before so I'm not cooking so many different dishes. Any leftovers get served for Thanksgiving, of course.

For dessert - pumpkin pie. I'm going to be tinkering with a recipe or two and will report the results.

I was hoping my friends and I would be able to do an orphans' Thanksgiving, but everyone here seems to be taking off for parts unknown - so we'll have lots of leftovers. Which is fine by me because I won't have much time for cooking in the next week or so.

ETA: Spouse insists on Pillsbury brand crescent rolls; he's also a stuffing junkie so that's a Thanksgiving requirement as well. And I like cranberry sauce in the shape of a can. Just because!

Enjoy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Way Cool!

Nov. 15th, 2007 09:34 pm
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While I do have a couple of wonderful machines, I would very much like to have a pink sewing machine.


May. 1st, 2007 10:18 am
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I'm a doofus because I didn't get the fabulous and talented [profile] lady_sinister's birthday gift in the mail in time. So everyone, clap for her.*

*Yes, I am quoting Issac Mizrahi.

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Me, taking a box of Triscuits out of a grocery bag: "Geez, how long is Rachael Ray's picture going to be all over every cracker box out there?"

Him: "Until she steals the requisite number of souls."
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  • At some point yesterday afternoon, one of the cats (probably the fluffy one, because even though she is the happiest cat ever, she compulsively yanks out and eats her fur - with predictable digestive results) projectile vomited on my desk. I meant to include this in yesterday's post. Because a blog without  cat-centric posts is like a painting without cherubs.


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