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I've recently discovered Meow Cosmetics and their mineral foundation is excellent. Two minor quibbles - their web design is a little funky (have to remember to keep scrolling down) and their naming convention for the foundation colors is a little silly. (I was using Sweet Libertine but they seem to be on hiatus).
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Nifty fabric: New York subway map print.
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We interrupt your LiveJournal Friends List reading to bring you this important news bulletin:

Amazon.com is selling The Clothing of the Renaissance World: Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas; Cesare Vecellio's Habiti Antichi et Moderni by Rosenthal and Jones for $39.99!! This is that great big hardcover that was like $90 a few months ago! (LINK)

I'm wondering if that means they are at the end of the print run. Or if it's a typo. If it is a typo, too late, suckers! You have to sell it at that price. Time to scoop this one up.

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I cannot adequately express my love for these boots. The blue would probably go with more wardrobe items, but they have purple too! And a nice tawny orange. Sadly, this discussion is purely academic as I do not have a spare $348, or they would be mine - oh yes, they would be mine.
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Anyone interested in a group order from Smiley's Yarns? Silly name, yes, and an ugly website - but some great yarn at great prices. The problem is, they have a $40 minimum order and shipping is $12.95...a bit high for just me but if a bunch of us split it, it would still be a bargain.

Way Cool!

Nov. 15th, 2007 09:34 pm
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While I do have a couple of wonderful machines, I would very much like to have a pink sewing machine.
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I think that asking $100.00 US to send a sewing machine via Parcel Post is nuts. Seriously. The model you're selling isn't that heavy, and there are plenty other similar auctions that have shipping from $13 - $40. Besides, Parcel Post is just asking to have it lost or destroyed. I totally get wanting to recoup your time to go to the post office, but your time ain't worth that much. If you want a certain amount for your machine, just have a reserve price.
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Hey, seamsters and semstresses -

What kind of sewing machines do you have? Do you love it?

I love my Bernina 830 - it's old school, sturdy, reliable, I never have to set the tension, though it does need a tune-up every couple of years. Which usually costs me $60+ at a Bernina dealer.

I do wish it did some fancier stitches though, maybe something that would look like blackwork, and automatic buttonholes. I hates making buttonholes. I was looking at some of the fancier machines at Target in the $150-$300 range. Is it crazy to get a machine just for a few pretty stitches and automatic buttonholing?
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I love you guys so much that I'm going to share one of my favorite places to get cool, cheap books: Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller. Way low tech - mail order only, checks only. But I've found many great books there.

Yesterday I ordered: 18th century Embroidery Techniques ($16.95); The Sforza Hours ($7.95); Creating Your Own Jewelry:Taking Inspiration from Museum Masterpieces ($14.95); and a cool book about the rhetorical discourse on jest making in early modern England (probably I'm the only one into that sort of thing).

Some of you might enjoy Ottoman Embroidery ($13.95).

Shipping is $3.50 per order (it's been that cheap for years); catalogs are free, or you can search online, make an order form and send them a check. If they are out of your title they will refund your money. Sadly, they only ship to US addresses, but if there's something my peeps from outside the States want, let me know - I'll order it and send it to you, you can pay me via Paypal.
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This weekend we went to the local public library's book sale. I got a neat sewing reference book, Vogue Sewing, the pictures reveal some of the worst in 80s fashion, but there are instructions for five different kinds of bound buttonholes, so I will ignore the wedding dress dripping with lace and a ruffled bib. I am trying to get cheap copies of books referenced in Lost, and I found:

Our Mutual Friend
Of Mice and Men
Watership Down
(I've been looking for this one in used bookstores for quite a while)
To Kill a Mockingbird
I had a brain zephyr and forgot to pick up a copy of Carrie, but that should be easy to find. Wat else am I forgetting, fellow Losties? Besides Bad Twin.

Also scored recent books on Flash and Shockwave, an Italian textbook, a book on the defeat of the Spanish Armada - all kinds of good stuff, crazy cheap.

I ordered my socks from Sock Dreams Friday and got them Monday - "grrrr, tiger fast!" - not sure where the digtal camera is, but here's one of the three varieties I picked out:

super stripes from sock dreams super stripes from sock dreams

I voted. This really is a red state, a few races had unopposed Republicans. Senator Lugar was opposed by a Libertarian. I wore my Guy Fawkes button -it was subtle because it's a woodcut pic of him with the words "What a Guy!" and it was covered by my coat - it made me feel a little better.

My main email account is a little wonky, I have to check it online since my motherboard is apparently kaput.


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