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This is based on a pattern (McCalls 5825, View C), though I did make the pockets contrasting rather than matching. The main fabric has such a strong pattern it would be hard to line up the pockets. Fortunately, plaid goes with everything.

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*sigh* I bought my serger because it was easy to thread. I havent been able to get the tension right without my mechanically inclined spouse, who today had time to futz* with it. He got it working great, and I was happily finishing seams when I noticed a weird clicky noise happening every so often. Broken needle. And I couldn't find my serger box o' stuff - so no needles. After a trip to JoAnns for needles, it turns out that the needles I bought were too short (?). Grumble. I bought the machine in the Big City; I'll have to see if anyplace around here sells the recommended brand.


BUT - between yesterday and today I finished the sleeves and assembled the bodice for the wrap dress. It's going together very nicely - it fits great with no effort on my part beyond the original pattern. It's just this serger nonsense delaying progress. I may just finish the rest of the seams the old fashioned way so I can complete the thing. I'm considering doing a decorative topstich in a contrasting color on the collar and cuffs...though that's the sort of thing that, if not done just right, really looks bad, so I may try that on another project. Since my luck has been so mixed with regards to sewing lately, maybe I'd better not tempt fate.

I also worked on one of my UFOs from last year, a skirt (McCalls 5591). This is in a ladybug fabric; nice design, not twee at all. Ladybugs, skulls - my wardrobe is going to be funky.

*Did you know that the original meaning of "futz" is literally "to fart around"? Truefact!

I suppose I should do some dissertating now.
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A little each day I've been working on Butterick 5030 (view E) - so far it's cut out, marked, and interfaced. The fabric is a neat cotton print I found about a year ago in Ye Olde JoAnn's Red Tag Section, black with roses in various shades of red and dark pink, and they look more like photos than, you know, the usual flowers on fabric. Never fear, photos will get posted at some point. I think this might look good with a petticoat.

We just had a huge thunderclap - it started me and the cats, and they usually aren't bothered by much.

Work progresses on the prospectus, it's just not as fun to blog about.

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Here's another project that I started at least a year ago. The day I found this fabric in the local quilt store I bought it, washed it, and cut out the skirt - I even marked the darts, which is a sewing task I loathe. And then? This just sat in the sewing zone. Until now. I put ric-rac along the waistline, with larger ric-rac around the hem. I've been wanting to try this particular style of applying ric-rac, which is a delightfully kitsch sewing trim. Yay, another finished project!

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This fabric broke the record for least amount of time spent in my stash before getting made up into something. I used Vogue 8363 View A, with a couple of changes. The pattern calls for the skirt to be made of embroidered / lacy fabric with a scalloped edge, then you make a lining. I used this amazing fabric and skipped the lining as it didn't need it. Also I fudged with the pleated ruffle to maximize the pattern.

Regent Skull skirt Regent Skull skirt

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I have started collecting sewing machines. I don't know how it happened...really. I have my grandmother's Singer in a cabinet (it really needs a tune-up), a Singer 301, a Genie (looks like Austin Powers' sewing machine!) and I have been looking for a Singer 500 since I first saw one. I mean, what's not to love about a machine that has been nicknamed "the Rocketeer"? Every time I drive by a yard sale I look for one of these. Usually if I see a machine it's some crummy Montgomery Wards model from the 70s. But Saturday I saw it: a Rocketeer in a cabinet. Just sitting there, kind of off to the side away from all the other stuff for sale. Fortunately when I exclaimed "They have a Rocketeer for sale!" my spouse A) knew what I was talking about, because I had showed him pictures of one and he was nice enough to look at them and B) turned the car around without me having to ask. It was marked $25, I got it for $20. It sounds a little rough but I'm actually getting pretty good at poking around under the hood, as it were. I'll take a picture in the morning, right now it's a bit too dark to take a good photo; the cabinet become a prime cat hangout.
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(More than) a few years ago, I took a quilt class. The name of the class was "Fabulous Fifteen" and, as you may have guessed, we learned 15 patterns - they were related, each week we selected one of the assorted patterns for that class. For a variety of reasons, I didn't finish a single quilt from the project. This unfinished-ness started bothering me, so I dug out the quilt parts and the directions and decided to do something about it...Here be details and pic )
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I made a Victorian corset about a year ago - well, I haven't finished the edges, so it's mostly finished - anyway, I seem to have lost at least 15 pounds since then. Which means that the edges touch in back where it laces up. All the pictures of Victorian era corsets show a gap where they lace in the back. The shape looks right though. I'm hoping one of my LJ peeps out there with Victorian corset experience can advise me: how problematic is this? 

Oh yeah - I made the Laughing Moon Silverado corset.

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I've found a costuming buddy in my program, which is nice; usually most people look at you funny when you tell them you sew costumes for fun, so it's a treat to have someone in closer proximity to work on projects with. She has located a Civil War era dance, and since I like period dance in its many forms I agreed that should be our next project. Of course, it's a month away. Wheee.

My compatriot is going to make a day dress AND a fancy dress, but  I'm aware of my limitations. I am much more interested in bustle fashions, which are sadly not Civil War period as it turns out. So for a variety of reasons I didn't want to put a lot of cash into this outfit. I wandered the JoAnn's Red Tag section yesterday and located this (sorry for the crappy quality, my real camera's battery is hiding from me):

It's a mulberry purple with a lighter purple and blue. The bolt was marked $4 / yard, but it rang up at $1 / yard. So I scored 11 yards of 54" wide fabric, which should be more than enough for the Truly Victorian 1854 gathered dress. I guess I'll have to cut it in half when I go to launder it or otherwise the washing machine will choke. If that fabric is way off base for the time period, one of you will have to let me know. It's the costuming world's equivalent of telling your friend she has spinach in her teeth.

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It's been snowing all day! The perfect day to make a pot of chili. I make mine with curry. Yum. I'll start the cornbread shortly. Come over for dinner!

I may have lost my mojo for selecting colors for quilts. That, or the fabric isn't suitable for the pattern I'm wanting to use, something called a double rail fence for all you quilters out there. I spent an hour at the JoAnns trying to find the perfect fabric. Think I'll just pick out another pattern.

ETA: Seems that the light in the oven only comes on when you open the oven door. That's poor design, that is.
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This pattern (Simplicity 8125, from the 1960s) is a marvel of sewing pattern engineering. It's a reversible dress with a little capelet thingy! And the envelope claims there are only three main pieces to the pattern! So that must mean that the back flap / cape thing is a part of the dress! It's blowing my mind.

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the leisure suit - with shorts!  
the leisure suit - with shorts!


  • Pornstache!
  • shorts! And a sports jacket!
  • long socks with shorts!
  • Isn't that what British boys wear at prestigious prep schools?
  • I bet it's made out of itchy itchy polyester.
Did any man actually wear this look - I mean the shorts-long socks-jacket combo -  in the 1970s?

Checks Mix

Feb. 8th, 2008 05:03 pm
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1. Wide ties and lapels weren't just for men in the 1970s!

2. I think that's at least three different colors of checkered patterns in the upper left image - maybe four (I can't tell if the sleeves and tie are the same fabric).

3. A stripe, a pattern, AND checks in the lower right - wow.

4. The pattern promises a bonus lesson on "how to mix patterns", but judging from these pictures you won't learn to mix them with any degree of success.

all those patterns - what were they thinking? checks mix

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This dress is sort of cute, but the model is in such a funky pose - that and the length of her sleeves vs. the gloves and she looks way out of proportion, or at the very least uncomfortable.

funky pose funky pose


Jan. 24th, 2008 02:29 pm
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Hammer Pants Time!!

I confess that I owned that pattern and made at least one pair of pants from it. Hey, it was the 1990s!

Way Cool!

Nov. 15th, 2007 09:34 pm
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While I do have a couple of wonderful machines, I would very much like to have a pink sewing machine.
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I think that asking $100.00 US to send a sewing machine via Parcel Post is nuts. Seriously. The model you're selling isn't that heavy, and there are plenty other similar auctions that have shipping from $13 - $40. Besides, Parcel Post is just asking to have it lost or destroyed. I totally get wanting to recoup your time to go to the post office, but your time ain't worth that much. If you want a certain amount for your machine, just have a reserve price.
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Hey, seamsters and semstresses -

What kind of sewing machines do you have? Do you love it?

I love my Bernina 830 - it's old school, sturdy, reliable, I never have to set the tension, though it does need a tune-up every couple of years. Which usually costs me $60+ at a Bernina dealer.

I do wish it did some fancier stitches though, maybe something that would look like blackwork, and automatic buttonholes. I hates making buttonholes. I was looking at some of the fancier machines at Target in the $150-$300 range. Is it crazy to get a machine just for a few pretty stitches and automatic buttonholing?


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