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My spouse's website has moved. If you liked shipbrook.com, you will love www.shipbrook.net!

I mention this because he has a bunch of interesting stuff that you may have come across and bookmarked or linked to. If not, you might be interested in checking it out. For example:

Fonts from the 1600s - http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/typograf.html
Old texts on music and dance, madrigals, 16th century joke book, etc. -
His page of Spanish costumes is popular - it's now http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/costumes.html

The index is here - http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/index.html - eclectic stuff, you may find something interesting.

Finally, his page on potted meat food product (http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/potted.html) has been around almost as long as the Internet. Every week he still gets emails that basically say, "Hey, I LIKE potted meat! You're a jerk!"
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A group out in Atenveldt recently held a feast in the manner of an English nobleman from the late 1500s. They had appropriate garb for the servers, made the plates and drinking vessels and knives...really impressive. They even built benches for the feasters and a brick oven for the cooking. I wish they had been able to use candlelight for even more period effect. I'm curious to know how much attendees had to pay! If you are a foodie it would be worth the extra cost. I would love to put on or even just attend a similar Italian Ren feast.The group putting on the event has a LiveJournal, so you can visit [livejournal.com profile] sundragon_cooks  for more details. Also, you can visit this link for many photos, mostly of garb.

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Things that Make Me Go SQUEE:

A patchwork wool and silk cushion from the mid to late 1400s. The colors are stunning, the piece looks like it's enamel work, not textile.


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