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I'm probably the only person awake on LJ right now!

This weekend was a creative one. I spied some ostrich feathers at HoLo in a lovely brown and decided now was the time to redo my Elizabethan feather fan. The peacock feathers, while lovely, didn't hold up too well over time, and I remember [profile] flaming_mo  suggesting ostrich at least as the main feathers. I may work in a couple of peacock feathers still...

I also got around to fixing a painting I did a LONG time ago, it was a painting in acrylic of a woman with her head turned. Probably from a photo I found in a magazine. The pose placed her ear pretty much in the middle of the frame, and I could not get that ear to look like a human ear. Ears are harder to paint then hands! At some point I got the idea to make this a mixed media piece by placing silk flowers strategically to cover the abominable ear. Worked pretty good. The painting is so PINK. Right now it's leaning next to the fireplace in the living room - it doesn't exactly go with the decor. PINK.

My costumes are in need of underpinnings so I've begun work on a couple of petticoats. I waffled a bit as to whether or not to make the first one a corded petticoat, but the time to think about that was BEFORE I started. So I'm almost done with a basic petticoat. I picked up some pale purple fabric and rope for a second, rope petticoat. I love how this one looks; the rows are so perfect! It occurred to me to maybe try one of those chalk snap line things to get precise lines. Maybe that would work.

This project stalled, thanks to McCall's: At one of my many JoAnns runs I found this fabric (yes, I'm on a skull kick). The pattern I decided to use was a full skirt, but the way the pieces are laid out does not allow for designs printed from selvege to selvege. So I think now I'll make a little wrap skirt.

A couple of weeks ago I made some pillows for the little love seat in my office. Pillows, like curtains, are projects that are so easy and yet I always procrastinate making them.

With all of these projects I have to go to the library to get some reading done today. I am prone to wandering when I should be researching. Plus, the cats are being rowdy.

For pictures, clicky!

photographic evidence of craft )
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While grad school has altered my sleeping patterns somewhat, most mornings I wake up early. As I was reading my FList this morning, I happened to look out my window to see this:

I'm not sure where all that color went; now it's just so gray.

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I just maxed out my monthly allotment of Flickr uploads, got some of the Italian Ren portraits up there - they are pretty huge, be sure to click on "all sizes" when you view them and you'll see what I mean (I'm probably the only person who didn't know about that until a few weeks ago). Of the ones I just posted, I thought the ones of the Eleanora di Toledo portrait were especially fascinating - so much goldwork and trim! I spent several minutes in front of that painting trying to take it all in. Anyhow, I think I will check out Photobucket as [profile] yummyone suggested. But later, I have goofed around enough already!!!
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Spring Break has arrived! I can't remember a time when I needed a break as much as I do right now. Lasy year we went to London, this year we may make it to Chicago for a day. That's all right, as long as I can sleep past 5:30 AM I'm quite happy.

I was going to make this awesome post where I updated everything that's been going on, but my mind just did the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death. So I'll leave you with a photo of what's left of the snow around here.

Yep, just random piles of ice, like some frost giant sneezed and his icy snot went all over the town. We do have a couple of piles of ice in the front yard that are prettier, though not for much longer. Oh well, winter will be back at the end of the year; right now I could deal with springtime and a chance to maybe start a garden.

There's a lot of stress on my FList right now - here's wishing all of you better times.

Be back later when my brain resets.


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