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My spouse's website has moved. If you liked shipbrook.com, you will love www.shipbrook.net!

I mention this because he has a bunch of interesting stuff that you may have come across and bookmarked or linked to. If not, you might be interested in checking it out. For example:

Fonts from the 1600s - http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/typograf.html
Old texts on music and dance, madrigals, 16th century joke book, etc. -
His page of Spanish costumes is popular - it's now http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/costumes.html

The index is here - http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/index.html - eclectic stuff, you may find something interesting.

Finally, his page on potted meat food product (http://www.shipbrook.net/jeff/potted.html) has been around almost as long as the Internet. Every week he still gets emails that basically say, "Hey, I LIKE potted meat! You're a jerk!"
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My spouse sent me this link; it's a sample of - well, really bad writing. It's worse than the worst writing I've encountered as a teacher thus far. I could not finish it. I can't figure out if the "author" is writing this as a joke or not. Apparently Moon People by Dale M. Courtney has quite a following on the Internets. The story involves a man who "use to work for the Government for UFO research", but now he teaches astrology and science at the 12th grade level. The love interest's name is Cheral. So yeah. Read and "enjoy".


Feb. 24th, 2009 07:44 pm
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How f*cking hard is it to Google one of those mass emails before you post it on a LJ comm, "just in case"? Of course the next move is to get all defensive when people point out YOUR POST IS WRONG. I have heard that line of logic before and it's a huge pet peeve of mine. "Well, it might be true so I thought I should forward this email." Well, the movie theater might be on fire, so should I yell "fire!" just in case it is? It's spreading misinformation.

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The beatnik poets would have loved Spam Poetry:


Present unforgettable night to your beloved one,
imagine yourself as a Macho!

Set in this first release extended with his conquests unacquainted
with the anglosaxon and its cognate 1765, louis xvth made
a donation to the town of world. Fixing the vital breaths
prana, apana, her youthful freshness. She had really studied
is but those little arrangement over the settlement bioibnobbols
enraged and set his heart on the slaughter of had agreed
to these visits. But now, as he sat extensive history that
follows. Listen now to hoarse and muffled breathing of the
denver clerk. And solemnly bound themselves by public national
their way back to the rear of the train, where areaaabmllpl
breaking the faro bank, and mac was waiting till in retaining
what they have, o king, there is shakuni, and the sons of
draupadi against the.
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I just maxed out my monthly allotment of Flickr uploads, got some of the Italian Ren portraits up there - they are pretty huge, be sure to click on "all sizes" when you view them and you'll see what I mean (I'm probably the only person who didn't know about that until a few weeks ago). Of the ones I just posted, I thought the ones of the Eleanora di Toledo portrait were especially fascinating - so much goldwork and trim! I spent several minutes in front of that painting trying to take it all in. Anyhow, I think I will check out Photobucket as [profile] yummyone suggested. But later, I have goofed around enough already!!!


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