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Spring Break has arrived! I can't remember a time when I needed a break as much as I do right now. Lasy year we went to London, this year we may make it to Chicago for a day. That's all right, as long as I can sleep past 5:30 AM I'm quite happy.

I was going to make this awesome post where I updated everything that's been going on, but my mind just did the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death. So I'll leave you with a photo of what's left of the snow around here.

Yep, just random piles of ice, like some frost giant sneezed and his icy snot went all over the town. We do have a couple of piles of ice in the front yard that are prettier, though not for much longer. Oh well, winter will be back at the end of the year; right now I could deal with springtime and a chance to maybe start a garden.

There's a lot of stress on my FList right now - here's wishing all of you better times.

Be back later when my brain resets.
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Every so often a weird siren sound fills the air in this city. Usually it happens on a Saturday afternoon. But it's happening right now.

Finally - it just stopped after about five minutes.

In addition to being tornado prone, this place has a number of huge factories and such.  So it's a bit freaky.

And I know it's not tinnitus because my cat heard it too!


Jan. 15th, 2007 08:36 pm
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It's snowing, not very hard, but you can see it on the neighbors' roofs and on the car.


Pretty - but now I have to remember to wake up earlier to fight my way through it.
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Indiana has a ton of crickets. They are everywhere and constantly making their weird cricket noises. It sounds like a swamp here! Actually I don't mind so much, it drowns out my tinnitus.


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