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I have been dragging pretty much all semester. I realized about two weeks ago that I had recently stopped taking a multivitamin (trying to save some money, and what good do they do?). It may be a coincidence but I went back to taking them and my energy has returned.

Just in time too - I bought a bunch of spring bulbs and we might have snow showers this week, so I've been digging holes all over the place. I have about 15 daffodil bulbs and 9 tulip bulbs to plant. I've been tracking what I have planted this year over on The Pintrests if you're curious.
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Jeff and I continue to pass this cold, which in my case hasn't quite turned into a cold, back and forth. He slept for 12 hours this morning. I barely had the energy to make it through my classes Friday.

I seem to have developed a bit of a crush on both Bob Odenkirk (hilarious) and Vince Gilligan (genius).  I'm also depressed about this whole government shutdown thing. It's also depressing to know that Socrates was right about rhetoric being abused by people with no ethics. Stupid Socrates.
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At the end of this weekend the score is sharp things 7, my fingertips 0.

I expect an inadvertent swipe from a cat claw to cause injury, but damn, who knew a lid on a plastic container (like the kind you put embroidery floss or beads in) could be so sharp? I now have two bandaged fingers.


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