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"Work. Finish. Publish." – Michael Faraday's advice to a young scientist.

I need that engraved on something, though it's not exactly what I call uplifting.

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I took a three hour intro to crochet class at the local yarn haus yesterday. I'm a lefty, a bit uncoordinated, and a slow learner, so the odds weren't in my favor.

I struggled with the chain stitch. In fact, I forgot how to chain in the one hour between the end of class and when I got home after picking up some groceries (had to figure it out with a booklet and help from [livejournal.com profile] shipbrook). And I forgot again this morning.

Another problem I'm having, once I remind myself how to do a chain stitch, is working the first row of stitches after the chain stitch. The instructor eventually took my test piece away and worked a row of crochet for me onto the chain stitch...while it was nice to get to crochet, now I'm having issues doing it on my own. Oh, and we didn't talk about tension so I'm playing with that too.

My big heart break is discovering that those super fun eyelash furry yarns are about impossible to crochet with [cries] - I just wanted to be able to sit down and make funky scarves while watching TV, is that so wrong?

Oh yes, we did get a big 15" blanket of snow, school FINALLY closed at noon Tuesday and stayed closed until Thursday - though I took the initiative and canceled my first-year comp class before that. Sorry, I don't drive in blizzards, it's not my scene. Though the snow is warming my Ohioan heart. I'll try to post pictures soon.

Back to school work.


Dec. 14th, 2006 04:02 pm
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Finished my professional writing paper! Finished my final exam! I'm trying to explain to my mom what I'm doing on LiveJournal! ("You have a journal?")

Thanks for all your good wishes on my last post! I really needed them. Still don't know if I passed that Italian exam.

I'm much exhausted.

Can I get a "DONE!" stamp?
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How wonderful it is that the campus email system isn't working! That's just super! I can't access the files I need to work on today! Yippeee!

In brief

Jan. 12th, 2006 05:21 pm
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Today I:

*Grabbed a great parking spot
*Found out that my students are all interested and happy to be in my class
*Got a $50 card for photocopies at the library (a grad student perk I just found out about!)
*Easily straightened out my textbook situation at the campus book store

Quote of the week:
"Ah, the genteel life of poverty!"
(My Italian professor, when a student said he wanted to be a history professor)
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Anyone got a copy of The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism they want to sell or loan me for six weeks?


Mar. 19th, 2005 01:34 pm
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Wow, I'm so flattered, I've picked up a few new readers in the last couple of days. I think that's so cool. Lately I've been tending to write about school, but sometimes I get in a crafty frame of mind and write about arts and crafts.

Currently, I'm writing a presentation for American Lit about James Fennimore Cooper, whose work is quite tedious. Fortunately, my opinion is in good company - witness Mark Twain's snarky commentary on the writer.


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