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I have been dragging pretty much all semester. I realized about two weeks ago that I had recently stopped taking a multivitamin (trying to save some money, and what good do they do?). It may be a coincidence but I went back to taking them and my energy has returned.

Just in time too - I bought a bunch of spring bulbs and we might have snow showers this week, so I've been digging holes all over the place. I have about 15 daffodil bulbs and 9 tulip bulbs to plant. I've been tracking what I have planted this year over on The Pintrests if you're curious.
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The sun has finally come out! I wanted to plant my daffodil bulbs today (heirloom bulbs from Old House Gardens), but I need some topsoil and fertilizer and my spouse couldn't get away from work during lunch (buying that stuff is a two-person job) so I'll have to wait till tomorrow. I hope the weather will be as good because I need some Vitamin D!

I've been grading more than writing; as long as I get it out of the way I suppose it's all good. Once again I can't stress how excited I am to not be teaching first-year comp in the spring. I need to get back to sewing, too. Maybe during the break.

Apparently I've lost 10 pounds so far. The big change I've made is cutting WAY back on fast food. We haven't ordered pizza in months, and I usually bring a lo-cal frozen lunch to work. I know - they are processed and bad, but at least it's portion control, so until I have time to do more cooking at home, this will have to do. Phase 2 of the weight loss may include me asking for passes to yoga lessons.
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I went a little nuts with the tomato plants this year. Well, I only planted three, but considering my spouse doesn't often eat tomatoes and tomatoes grow with amazing ease in my front yard, three was perhaps a bit excessive. And really, there's only so many BLT sandwiches I can eat. So with the first batch from the plants I made a simple salsa when we had a few friends over for Labor Day - just tomato bits, onion, cilantro, salt and pepper. I was happy with the results. But then tomato production went off the scale. What to do? I don't think you can freeze them. The solution that ultimately came to me? Tomato sauce, specifically Alton Brown's recipe. Wow, so good I ate a small bowl with no pasta! Baking the tomatoes really brought out the sweetness. And Jeff even had high praise for the results, which made me feel extra good because, as I said, he's not really a fan of the fruit - tomatoes are fruits, right? I never took botany.

(Hey, can you pretend that the pot is all clean up in that second picture? Those fancy cooking magazines make everything look perfect, as if cooking wasn't a somewhat messy process.)

Home grown and cooked. I'm ready for survival in the event of complete socio-economic collapse! :)


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