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The penny floor is grouted and ready for urethane coating (about to start that), the wallpaper is up - can't find a picture of it online, it's black and white vintage advertising, with ads for dog bread and corsets and instantaneous chocolate. The light is up too - here it is. I want to see if we can change the shades to clear glass and use vintage light bulbs.
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We have decided to do a penny floor for the downstairs half bath and have started gluing down pennies on pieces of mosaic mesh. I think we are going to grout it and then seal it with polyurethane, which is a nice compromise between epoxy or grout.
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So my latest craft (after compulsively knitting my way through the Farscape dvd set) has been jewelry making. I was looking through the Bead & Button Show website - it's not that far from me. But I got sticker shock when I started looking at the price per class or workshop. All over $100. Shesh! Maybe I'll just go and buy beads.
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This is based on a pattern (McCalls 5825, View C), though I did make the pockets contrasting rather than matching. The main fabric has such a strong pattern it would be hard to line up the pockets. Fortunately, plaid goes with everything.

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Here's another project that I started at least a year ago. The day I found this fabric in the local quilt store I bought it, washed it, and cut out the skirt - I even marked the darts, which is a sewing task I loathe. And then? This just sat in the sewing zone. Until now. I put ric-rac along the waistline, with larger ric-rac around the hem. I've been wanting to try this particular style of applying ric-rac, which is a delightfully kitsch sewing trim. Yay, another finished project!

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This fabric broke the record for least amount of time spent in my stash before getting made up into something. I used Vogue 8363 View A, with a couple of changes. The pattern calls for the skirt to be made of embroidered / lacy fabric with a scalloped edge, then you make a lining. I used this amazing fabric and skipped the lining as it didn't need it. Also I fudged with the pleated ruffle to maximize the pattern.

Regent Skull skirt Regent Skull skirt

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I'm probably the only person awake on LJ right now!

This weekend was a creative one. I spied some ostrich feathers at HoLo in a lovely brown and decided now was the time to redo my Elizabethan feather fan. The peacock feathers, while lovely, didn't hold up too well over time, and I remember [profile] flaming_mo  suggesting ostrich at least as the main feathers. I may work in a couple of peacock feathers still...

I also got around to fixing a painting I did a LONG time ago, it was a painting in acrylic of a woman with her head turned. Probably from a photo I found in a magazine. The pose placed her ear pretty much in the middle of the frame, and I could not get that ear to look like a human ear. Ears are harder to paint then hands! At some point I got the idea to make this a mixed media piece by placing silk flowers strategically to cover the abominable ear. Worked pretty good. The painting is so PINK. Right now it's leaning next to the fireplace in the living room - it doesn't exactly go with the decor. PINK.

My costumes are in need of underpinnings so I've begun work on a couple of petticoats. I waffled a bit as to whether or not to make the first one a corded petticoat, but the time to think about that was BEFORE I started. So I'm almost done with a basic petticoat. I picked up some pale purple fabric and rope for a second, rope petticoat. I love how this one looks; the rows are so perfect! It occurred to me to maybe try one of those chalk snap line things to get precise lines. Maybe that would work.

This project stalled, thanks to McCall's: At one of my many JoAnns runs I found this fabric (yes, I'm on a skull kick). The pattern I decided to use was a full skirt, but the way the pieces are laid out does not allow for designs printed from selvege to selvege. So I think now I'll make a little wrap skirt.

A couple of weeks ago I made some pillows for the little love seat in my office. Pillows, like curtains, are projects that are so easy and yet I always procrastinate making them.

With all of these projects I have to go to the library to get some reading done today. I am prone to wandering when I should be researching. Plus, the cats are being rowdy.

For pictures, clicky!

photographic evidence of craft )
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(More than) a few years ago, I took a quilt class. The name of the class was "Fabulous Fifteen" and, as you may have guessed, we learned 15 patterns - they were related, each week we selected one of the assorted patterns for that class. For a variety of reasons, I didn't finish a single quilt from the project. This unfinished-ness started bothering me, so I dug out the quilt parts and the directions and decided to do something about it...Here be details and pic )
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It's been snowing all day! The perfect day to make a pot of chili. I make mine with curry. Yum. I'll start the cornbread shortly. Come over for dinner!

I may have lost my mojo for selecting colors for quilts. That, or the fabric isn't suitable for the pattern I'm wanting to use, something called a double rail fence for all you quilters out there. I spent an hour at the JoAnns trying to find the perfect fabric. Think I'll just pick out another pattern.

ETA: Seems that the light in the oven only comes on when you open the oven door. That's poor design, that is.
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Anyone interested in a group order from Smiley's Yarns? Silly name, yes, and an ugly website - but some great yarn at great prices. The problem is, they have a $40 minimum order and shipping is $12.95...a bit high for just me but if a bunch of us split it, it would still be a bargain.


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