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We found out only last week that there was a steampunk con only about 3 hours away, so we made plans to day trip it on Saturday. However, after I woke up at 5:30 to start getting ready I realized I didn't really want to drive that far, have to figure out where to change clothes, that sort of thing. Turns out Jeff felt the same way, so we went back to sleep. The rest of the day was pretty productive; we went to a local park to shoot footage for his next music video, he made some spotlights, I graded and did some office reorganization.

In a good news / bad news event, they are remodeling the English department this summer, but that means we have to pack up all our books and papers. This is a little traumatic for me, I have trust issues to begin with (especially where my books are concerned), and I found out that when they remodeled the history department last summer some of their possessions went astray! So I only trusted the uni with things that could easily be replaced, and photographed the interiors of each box, and numbered each box - told you, trust issues. I had to figure out what I would need for summer writing and first thing in the fall, so I've got those labeled, and that's where the office organization came in. I liberated a bookshelf that has just been stashed in a corner for my home office. Most of my stuff is here, I have a couple of floor lamps (I hate fluorescent lighting) and a couple of boxes to bring home, but since I have to sit in on senior capstone presentations this week, I'll have ample opportunity to bring them home.

Sunday we went to a vintage base ball game for a picnic lunch. I'm not up on regular baseball, much less the vintage variety, but it was still fun. Jeff (who never does anything halfway) packed sandwiches in wax paper and decanted root beer into blue glass bottles. At the end of the game, the captain of the home team thanked us for dressing up for their event, so that was cool.
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We interrupt your LiveJournal Friends List reading to bring you this important news bulletin:

Amazon.com is selling The Clothing of the Renaissance World: Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas; Cesare Vecellio's Habiti Antichi et Moderni by Rosenthal and Jones for $39.99!! This is that great big hardcover that was like $90 a few months ago! (LINK)

I'm wondering if that means they are at the end of the print run. Or if it's a typo. If it is a typo, too late, suckers! You have to sell it at that price. Time to scoop this one up.

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Since it would be masochistic to read school stuff before bedtime - I'm actually reading works of fiction. Who'd a-thunk it?

Finished: Mary Reilly, Cold Mountain. I've never read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I may do so and reread this. It was good. Understated in its creepiness, as the finest Victorian fiction tends to be. Cold Mountain was a Civil War Odyssey; I think I may have to read it again, There's a lot there, especially the contrast between how men reacted to the war vs. the women. Also it helped that it seems quite well researched and I'm a history nerd. It has yearning - [livejournal.com profile] emogirl779 ,  at last I get what that means! I've seen neither movie adaptation, but Cold Mountain is in our Netflix queue.

Currently working on: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I love this so far, except for one tiny quibble: the costumes in the illustrations are more Victorian than Regency. Still a great read; what's not to love about Elizabeth Bennett being a Shaolin-trained zombie killer?

I'm going to chalk up my sucky book reviews to a lack of brain power after a day of actual school work, instead of procrastinating.

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I signed up recently for Paperback Swap; the first book I requested just happened to be from someone who lives in the same town as I do! How weird is that? It's not like this is a huge town, and there are at least 58,000+ members. So my book was hand delivered and left at the front door.

OK, so this isn't the most exciting blog post around, but at least now you know about Paperback Swap, which is a pretty neat deal.

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So, what did you think? I finished Monday and I've still got some ideas rattling around in my head, thoughts on the last book and the series in its entirety; I hope to compile them at some point in the next few days and post them here.

Spoilers in comments!
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Picked up my copy of the final HP installment yesterday; the bookstore's floor had straw scattered all over it, a remnant from the celebration the night before. They had either made brooms or all the party-goers brought brooms that shed profusely. Sadly, my reading was set back by an excruciating headache - I never get them that bad, I thought I'd have to go to the hospital it was so painful. And I have a pretty decent pain tolerance. It eventually subsided and I was able to go to sleep.

So today will be split between reading and chores. I'm sad that this is the final chapter in the saga, but curious to see what Rowling is going to do with the plot.
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If so, how the heck do I get it to email me when I sell a book?
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I love you guys so much that I'm going to share one of my favorite places to get cool, cheap books: Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller. Way low tech - mail order only, checks only. But I've found many great books there.

Yesterday I ordered: 18th century Embroidery Techniques ($16.95); The Sforza Hours ($7.95); Creating Your Own Jewelry:Taking Inspiration from Museum Masterpieces ($14.95); and a cool book about the rhetorical discourse on jest making in early modern England (probably I'm the only one into that sort of thing).

Some of you might enjoy Ottoman Embroidery ($13.95).

Shipping is $3.50 per order (it's been that cheap for years); catalogs are free, or you can search online, make an order form and send them a check. If they are out of your title they will refund your money. Sadly, they only ship to US addresses, but if there's something my peeps from outside the States want, let me know - I'll order it and send it to you, you can pay me via Paypal.
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This weekend we went to the local public library's book sale. I got a neat sewing reference book, Vogue Sewing, the pictures reveal some of the worst in 80s fashion, but there are instructions for five different kinds of bound buttonholes, so I will ignore the wedding dress dripping with lace and a ruffled bib. I am trying to get cheap copies of books referenced in Lost, and I found:

Our Mutual Friend
Of Mice and Men
Watership Down
(I've been looking for this one in used bookstores for quite a while)
To Kill a Mockingbird
I had a brain zephyr and forgot to pick up a copy of Carrie, but that should be easy to find. Wat else am I forgetting, fellow Losties? Besides Bad Twin.

Also scored recent books on Flash and Shockwave, an Italian textbook, a book on the defeat of the Spanish Armada - all kinds of good stuff, crazy cheap.

I ordered my socks from Sock Dreams Friday and got them Monday - "grrrr, tiger fast!" - not sure where the digtal camera is, but here's one of the three varieties I picked out:

super stripes from sock dreams super stripes from sock dreams

I voted. This really is a red state, a few races had unopposed Republicans. Senator Lugar was opposed by a Libertarian. I wore my Guy Fawkes button -it was subtle because it's a woodcut pic of him with the words "What a Guy!" and it was covered by my coat - it made me feel a little better.

My main email account is a little wonky, I have to check it online since my motherboard is apparently kaput.


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