May. 21st, 2014


May. 21st, 2014 08:32 pm
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Defiance: Just finished Season 1 last week. I'm not into the political plotline, I'm much more interested in the backstory and the aliens' cultures. I think a couple of the characterizations were off (Kenya, Mayor Nicki) but I'm ready to watch Season 2 when it gets started next month.

Elementary: We started watching this a few months ago, and stopped for some reason - not because we didn't like it. I am surprised at how good it is. We're still in Season 1. I love that Watson doesn't take any shit from Sherlock (unlike the BBC version, which is good, don't get me wrong).

Penny Dreadful: Just watched the premiere. I am intrigued and would like to subscribe to its newsletter.

Mad Men: I gotta be honest, while I love the look of this show, (I love the clothes, obvs) and the glimpse it gives of the recent past is fascinating, it is tough to watch. While the women have their hangups, the men are just so utterly unlikeable. It's the same problem I have with Game of Thrones - the world is miserable there. I don't expect everything to be rainbows and lollypops, but it's so devoid of any joy or pleasure or fun. We made it to season 3, where Betty confronts Don. Maybe I will just fast-forward so I can look at all the clothes.


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